What the heck is Virtual Valerie?


I'm a novice winemaker. You'd think after a decade I'd have moved beyond novice, but I haven't. Not really. I try lots of stuff, some good, some bad. But I still dabble.

One of my resources when I first started making wine at home was the JackKeller.net website, particularly his winemaking pages.

When he passed and his domain expired with the site going offline I was a bit distraught. But my day job is being a web designer/developer and it occurred to me that his site might have been included in the internet archive.org (aka "The Wayback Machine").

The contents of his user-requested recipes have been resurrected in several places online, but many of the other recipes (some thought lost for good) are still hiding in the archive, which goes back December 2000. (His hosting company had a fire and apparently didn't have backups, so he lost a lot of work, some of which I've found.)

I've got the basics up, but am still working on getting a few dozen pages of his other recipes online.

The domain is just a spare that I had hanging around unused.

I'm not doing this for compensation, advertising, etc., I just want Jack's valuable information to live on.

jackkeller net website screenshot from 2013