Tomatillo Wines, Sherries, and/or Meads

Tomatillo Wine

April 5, 2001
  • 3 lbs fresh green tomatoes
  • 1 qt balm leaves, including stalks
  • 1 lb raisins (or sultanas or currants)
  • 1 lb dried maize, barley or wheat
  • 1-2/3 lbs granulated sugar
  • 3-1/2 qts water
  • 2 lemons or oranges
  • 1 tsp pectic enzyme
  • 1/8 tsp grape tannin
  • 1 tsp yeast nutrient
  • 1 crushed Campden tablet
  • 1 pkg Champagne or Montrachet yeast

Soak the grain overnight. When ready to make wine, pour boiling water over raisins (or sultanas or currants) and let soak about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, drain grain. Remove husks and wash and chop tomatillos. Mix grain, raisins, balm leaves and stalks, chopped tomatillos, and the peels of the citrus fruit (careful to remove all white pith) and pass through a mincer. Place minced ingredients in nylon straining bag in primary. Add sugar and tannin. Add 3-1/2 qts boiling water and stir well to dissolve sugar. Cover and allow to cool one hour. Add crushed Campden tablet and juice of citrus fruit. Wait 12 hours and add yeast nutrient and pectic enzyme, stirring to mix. Wait additional 12 hours and add yeast. Ferment seven days, gently squeezing bag of minced ingredients 2-3 times a day. Remove bag and allow to drip drain, then squeeze well but not too firmly. Pour all liquid into secondary and top up with water to within 2-1/2 inches of airlock. Rack after 3 weeks, then again every month until wine clears and no additional deposits form during two-week period. Bottle and allow to age 9-12 months. [Author’s own recipe]