JackKeller.net Archive

I've created this section of my site to keep alive the valuable work that Jack Keller did in developing modern wine recipes, which he posted on his blog. After his passing his blog went offline. Fortunately the Internet Archive (aka Wayback Machine) had indexed most of it. I don't know if his family is maintaining his copyright and welcome them to contact me if they have any issue with me sharing this information here. It is not for profit; Jack's site was a valuable resource to the winemakers of the world and I just didn't want to see it disappear into the night.

Wheat Wine (1)

Wheat Wine (2)

Wheat Wine (3)

Wheat Wine (4)

Whitecurrant Wine (1)

Whitecurrant Wine (2)

Whitecurrant Wine (3)

Wild Frost Grape Wine (Makes 5 Gallons)

Wild Mixed Berry Wine

Wild Muscadine Pyment (1 Gallon)

Wineberry Wine

Wintergreen Wine

Yarrow Wine

Yellow Raspberry Wine

Youngberry Wine


Zinfandel Wine (Recipe For 5 Gallons)

Zingimel (Ginger Mead)

Zucchini Wine